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Shock/Horror:The Murals Have Been Scrubbed From the Walls of The Palm

Is the original location of Palm closed forever?

Nick Solares

When the original location of iconic NYC steakhouse The Palm closed in April, it was supposed to be for a renovation that was expected to last until November. However, a visit on July 24 revealed that no work had commenced — the dining room sat just as it did on the last day of service. Curiously the staff saw fit to lay the tables one last time even though no one was there to eat off of them. More curious still is why no work had started, considering the looming deadline.

Fast forward to August 4 and there was some signs of progress through the window. The tables were stripped and neatly folded off to the side of the dining room, but the essential character remained intact. The murals and magazine covers still covered the walls, betraying a near century of NYC history:

Shockingly, those murals and magazine covers have now disappeared. Apparently, they were white washed or torn from the walls. Could this be the end for the original location? Back in January a spoke person claimed that the renovations wouldn't be "radical." With the murals gone, things have clearly progressed to the radical. It seems increasingly unlikely that The Palm will return by November, if at all. Eater reached out to management but has not heard back. Developing.

Here is a before and after picture:

The spinoff location of the restaurant, Palm Too, is still open across the street.

Steakhouse Dining Rules:


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