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Tori Shin Is Now Serving Chicken Skewers and Omakase Feasts on 53rd Street

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One flashy detail about the new Tori Shin: The tables and counters are made of 500-year-old hinoki from Japan.

Facebook/Tori Shin

As promised, critically-acclaimed yakitori den Tori Shin left its original home at 1193 First Avenue and moved to the former La Silhouette space at 362 West 53rd Street. The Upper East Side space closed at the end of June and the new version of Tori Shin has been quietly up and running for a few weeks now. Just like at the old space, Tori Shin is serving a selection of a la carte chicken skewers and vegetable dishes, as well as an omakase menu. The new space also includes a sake/shochu bar with a snack menu, and a reservations-only "select counter" with eight seats where an omakase is served that's different than the one offered in the main dining room. A member of the Tori Shin team explains that this tasting is "a combination of our yakitori and Kappo."

For more on what to expect from the Tori Shin experience, check out Kat Odell's "Eating Japanese" explainer about the restaurant from last year. And if you happen to stop by, let us know how it goes.

Tori Shin

362 W 53rd St, New York, NY 10019 (212) 757-0108 Visit Website

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