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Cereal Restaurant Mania, Soup Dumplings in Downtown BK, and More Intel

A bracing blast of restaurant news and gossip to start your day.

[The dining room at Montmartre in Chelsea.  This place has an INCREDIBLE back yard bar, too.]
[The dining room at Montmartre in Chelsea. This place has an INCREDIBLE back yard bar, too.]
Daniel Krieger

— New York's first cereal bar is now open inside a sneaker shop in Prospect Heights. The cereal at Kith Treats isn't even fancypants artisan-style stuff, but rather sugary store-bought flakes that are repackaged in "single-serving Mylar bags," according to the Times. One serving of cereal with milk is $6. People are already lining up for the very same foodstuff that they could purchase from literally any grocery store or bodega in the city for a much lower price. This could quite possibly be an elaborate stunt devised by Ashton and the Punk'd crew, but if you happen to stop by Kith Treats, let us know how that goes.

Three Shanghai-born restaurateurs are planning a new soup dumpling parlor at 48 Lawrence St. in Downtown Brooklyn called Yaso Tangbao. The dumpling restaurant — which will also serve noodle soups and entrees like drunken chicken — is slated to open at the end of September.

Bullets Over Broadway actor Chazz Palminteri is opening a Midtown Italian restaurant with the team behind Empire Steakhouse. The actor is currently in Italy eating pasta as research for the new project, which is officially called "Chazz Palminteri’s Ristorante Italiano."

A Florida women is suing hotelier/restaurateur Andre Balazs on discrimination charges. The woman alleges that she applied for a job as controller at Balazs's Sunset Beach hotel, but was told by the hotelier that she wouldn't get the position because she had a disabled son and couldn't give him "100 percent." Balazs's lawyer tells the Post: "We remain firmly of the view that the company’s underlying employment decision here was made on the merits and was not based on any discriminatory considerations."

— The owners of sun-splashed health food cafe Dimes are still planning to open a deli/market at 143 Division, which was the restaurant's original home before it moved across the street. Now Bowery Boogie hears that the team might also be eyeing the space directly next door, which previously housed the Great Wall Bus Company.

— Masao Matsui, the chef/proprietor of pricey Midtown newcomer Tempura Matsui, had to go back to Japan to attend to a personal emergency. His longtime team member Shin Kato is now running the kitchen.

— Michael White's three-year-old East Village pizzeria Nicoletta is applying for a license to sell hard liquor in addition to beer and wine.

— Clinton Street seafood restaurant Black Crescent is still closed because of issues related to a fire that ripped through the basement in January. The team is currently waiting on approval from the DOB and Con-Ed to finish work on the space. Restaurateur Michael Reynolds tells Bowery Boogie: "We had already been inspected and approved by Con Ed to have our gas turned on but then that explosion on 2nd Ave happened and they sent everyone back to DOB."

— And finally, here's how to cut and plate charcuterie like a professional:

Tempura Matsui

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