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Sadelle's Large-Format Latke, Lit Lounge Mystery, and More A.M. Intel

Here's everything you need to know about New York dining today, Tuesday, August 25.

[Allswell in Williamsburg.  A fine place for lunch or dinner today.]
[Allswell in Williamsburg. A fine place for lunch or dinner today.]
Daniel Krieger

— Sadelle's, the new Jewish bakery/bistro from the unstoppable Major Food Group, will feature a "large-format latke sliced with a pizza wheel and served by the wedge." The menu will also include invented bagel grilled cheese sandwiches, salami pigs in a blanket, and "toss-your-own composed salads." It's slated to open early next month. In other Jewish bakery news, the Robs report that the Russ & Daughters team will start baking bagels and babka in a new Bushwick facility. Those baked goods will eventually be served at the original appetizing store, the spinoff on Orchard Street, and the new iteration of the cafe that's going to open in the Jewish Museum in November.

— A sign appeared in the window of the shuttered Lit Lounge space yesterday announcing: "We will reopen after our deepclean vacation on September 11." A similar message was posted on Facebook. The owners of The Cock on Second Avenue applied for a liquor license at this address recently. That team already tried, unsuccessfully, to get initial approval from the CB3 SLA licensing committee, and now a notice in the window indicates that the crew will appear before the board next month. EV Grieve speculates: "Perhaps this will be some kind of Lit-Cock mashup."

Kenji J. Lopez Alt, the blogger behind The Food Lab, announces that he is backing out of the NYC Wine & Food Festival's Ramen Party in October, because the organizers decided to have The Fat Jew co-host the party. On Facebook, Kenji writes:

The Fat Jew is the antithesis of everything I represent in the media world. He unapologetically steals other people's work, stripping it of the creators' identities. He is a plagiarist, a thief, a misogynist, and absolutely the wrong choice of co-host for a food event, or really any respectable event. That it comes at a time when there's huge media backlash against him is even more baffling to me.

Kenji and members of the Serious Eats team have been planning the event for many months. According to this Facebook post, Jin, Ivan Ramen, Mu Ramen, Sun Ramen, Yuji Ramen, and Bar Chuko have also backed out of the event [the event page still lists several of these vendors]. Kenji is currently looking into hosting another event to benefit that two charity sponsors of the NYCWFF.

The owners of Midtown Greek restaurant Avra are planning a new location in the old Rouge Tomate space at 14 East 60 St. It's slated to open in the middle of next year with 250 + seats and "Mykonos style" decor.

— A worker at New York Bread in Coney Island was found dead in the bathroom of the facility with a head wound yesterday.

— A fight between two men broke out in front of Bushwick restaurant La Fogata last night, leaving one man in critical condition.The dispute was captured on camera.  Gothamist notes that a few years back, some of the restaurant's female employees sued the owners for wage violations and labor abuse. The employees claimed that they received extra money if they got customers to buy them drinks.

— On a much lighter note Metrograph, an new movie theater complex on Ludlow Street near Canal, will feature a restaurant when it opens later this year. No word yet on what type of food it will serve or if guests will be able to get food in the theater, like The Nitehawk.

— The McDonald's on First Avenue near East Sixth Street just drastically overhauled it signage to emphasize the Big Mac over the Dollar Menu. The old sign was up for at least seven years.

— And finally, here's how to cook chicken under a brick like Marc Forgione:


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