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George Motz Interview, Burger Stench, TONY's Burger Battles, and more Burger Intel.

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Here is what you need to know about hamburgers today.

Burgers on a grill.
Burgers on a grill.
Nick Solares

George Motz Talks Burgers

Pete Meehan sits down with burger guru George Motz to talk about his passion for patty and bun over at Lucky Peach. Motz's seminal film Hamburger America and subsequent book by the same name has had a huge impact on the hamburger in popular culture. While Meehan points this out, Motz, ever the gentleman, reminds readers that "before there was Josh Ozersky or me or anybody else, Mimi Sheraton put burgers into the real conversation about food in the late 1970s with her review of Corner Bistro in the New York Times."

Burger Stench

A Greenwich Village resident seeks advise in the Ask Real Estate section of the NY Times on how to combat the "burger stench" that is emanating from unnamed "branch of a hamburger chain" that opened two years ago. Columnist Ronda Kaysen suggests the tenants band together and approach the restaurants landlord, rather than filing separate grievances. As far as the culprit goes, could it be Umami Burger, which opened almost exactly two years ago?

Time Out NY's Battle of the Burgers

Eats on Lex topped Time Out NY's battle of the burgers as voted by the magazines readers. The initial field of 50 combatants was whittled down to 20 winners that includes some familiar favorites like J.G. Melon and Minetta Tavern. Meanwhile Standard Burger from Staten Island took the honors in the IRL, outdoor event by the same name held last week in lower manhattan. The burger joint was recently featured on CNBC's The Profit and is part owned by show host Marcus Lemonis.

Emily Pizza Burger Now An Actual Pizza

Finally, if you can't decide on the burger or the pizza at Emily Pizza maybe you can persuade chef Matt Hyland to make you this which combines the two: