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Scarr's Pizza, Oaxaca Taqueria, Angry Burger, and More Behind the Plywood

Four restaurants to look out for.

Scarr's Pizza is moving in next door to Fung Tu.
Scarr's Pizza is moving in next door to Fung Tu.
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LOWER EAST SIDE — A 1970's inspired slice joint called Scarr's Pizza is getting ready to open next door to Fung Tu. There will be booth seating, soda fountains and sprays (including one with coconut water), wood paneling, and all. Owner Scarr Pimentel has worked at Lombardi's, Joe's, GG's, and several other pizza places. He plans to open mid-September but that's pending a gas hookup, which may be challenging. Fung Tu has been operating for a month now with no gas, and alleges that the gas leak came when Pimentel's team started construction, Pimentel refutes that. 22 Orchard Street. [BB]

BED-STUY — Mini-chain Oaxaca Taqueria is installing a colorful exterior at its 10th location. The team says it will start turning out tacos sometime in the next couple of weeks. 478 Halsey Street. [Brownstoner]

INWOOD — A sign outside the short-lived Tequila Bar and Grill announces that a place called Angry Burger gastropub is "coming soon." 4460 Broadway. [DNAinfo]

SOUTH BRONX — A 90-seat restaurant with sushi, a $6 lunch buffet, and bubble tea called Asian Grille Express is planning to open next month two blocks away from where the team used to operate a restaurant at Concourse Plaza. 888 Grand Concourse. [DNAinfo]