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K-Town Favorite Gahm Mi Oak Makes a Comeback in a New Home on 32nd Street

The restaurant should open later this week.

Matt Rodbard/Instagram

When 25-year-old K-Town favorite Gahm Mi Oak posted a note announcing its shutter and wishing its patrons well around New Years, it looked like it was gone for good. But, writer and Korean food devotee Matt Rodbard posts an Instagram saying the restaurant is back, just down 32nd Street (on the second floor) in what used to be Arang. A host at Gahm Mi Oak in Fort Lee confirms that the new location will open sometime later this week with a menu that's similar to what's available in Jersey, hopefully the restaurant will bring back its famed ox-bone soup sul long tang.

Gahm Mi Oak is back on 32nd Street in the old Arang space. Seolleongtang! #

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