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Parmageddon Crashes Into Industry City and Enrique Olvera Might Join the Party Too

Sunset Park is blowing up.

[<a href="">Industry City photo via Facebook</a>; Sandwich photo by <a href="">Nick Solares</a>]
[Industry City photo via Facebook; Sandwich photo by Nick Solares]

The unstoppable culinary force of nature that is the Major Food Group has expanded to the sprawling Industry City complex in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The Torrisi Boys and Girls have been using a 1000-square foot portion of the space for offices and a bakery, and now the Commercial Observer reports that there are plans to open a Parm counter.  According to Industry City CEO Andrew Kimball, the sandwich operation will be adjacent to an outdoor patio. Fresh mozz and Saratoga clubs al freso, in Sunset Park? The hits just keep on coming. No word yet on when the Parm counter will open.

What's more, Commercial Observer reports that Enrique Olvera— the chef/restaurateur behind critical darling Cosme — and the Burger Joint team are both close to signing deals in Industry City as well. Olvera has frequently mentioned plans to open a tortilleria in Brooklyn, which would be the perfect kind of operation to run out of this facility. Burger Joint could be planning a production kitchen or a standalone restaurant.  Burger Joint and Olvera have signed letters of intent, but the deals have not been signed yet. Industry City currently houses kitchens/counters from Taco MixBlue Marble, One Girl Cookies, and Liddabit Sweets.  A rotisserie chicken restaurant, pizzeria, and juice bar are also reportedly in the works at Industry City, although no word yet on which teams will run those operations. If you hear anything, let us know.

Elsewhere in the TorrisiVerse, the team is still putting the finishing touches on Sadelle's, a Jewish bakery and appetizing store in Soho. A peek through the window reveals that the space is basically ready to go. Last week, the team put up this majestic flag, which features bagels on a dowel.

Dowels = so hot in 2015.

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