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Starbucks Trash Discount, Vermilion's Sad Patio, and More A.M. Intel

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Everything you need to know about New York dining today, Wednesday, August 19.

[Hanjan, an excellent Korean restaurant near the Flatiron.  Great choice for date night or a solo dinner at the bar.]
[Hanjan, an excellent Korean restaurant near the Flatiron. Great choice for date night or a solo dinner at the bar.]
Daniel Krieger

Williamsburg cafe The West is now offering a 50 cent discount to customers that show a picture of themselves throwing away trash from Starbucks. The owner of the cafe, Esther Bell, is sick of seeing garbage from the nearby location of the chain in front of her shop. The restaurateur tells DNAinfo: "The amount of garbage from Starbucks that ends up in front of our café is so upsetting...We’re constantly throwing their garbage away."

— Shitshow Week is canceled this year, but At Vermilion didn't get the memo. A reader sends in this picture with the note:

This is just too perfect. The awning hanging off to the side almost falling down, the ugly metal tables with dirty smog filled linens, the half dead plants, not even is a proper potter but still in the cheap plastic buckets they sell them with.

You don't even need to walk inside the restaurant to see what's going on at At Vermilion.

The Black Cat LES space at 172 Rivington Street is on the market for $4,500 per month plus key money. The two-year-old cafe is still open for business.

The family that runs Rockaway Park's oldest bar, The Rogers, is selling the business to a new set of operators who live in the area. The bar has been open in one form or another since 1917. The new team plans to keep the bar pretty much as it is. Restaurateur Mike McMahan tells DNAinfo: "We want to restore what should be taken care of in Rockaway."

B & H Dairy is hosting a party to celebrate its reopening this Friday at 6 p.m.

A lot of people propose at Lucali in Carroll Gardens because it's romantic and the pizza rocks. Owner/pizzaiolo Mark Iacono sometimes helps his customers by spelling out "marry me" in mushrooms on top of the pie.

A manager at MePa club Avenue is suing real estate mogul Dan Neiditch — who sometimes makes reservations under the name "Dan Bloomberg" — over a fight that broke out last summer at Marquee.  The story goes something like this: Neiditch's bodyguard allegedly put his arm around a female guest, the nightclub manager intervened, and the muscleman clocked him twice in the face. The club employee is suing Neiditch and his bodyguard for $1 million.

The other night, the CB3's SLA licensing committee voted to deny the liquor license app for the Lit Lounge space from the team that operates The Cock. But bar owner Allan Mannarelli plans to appeal directly to the SLA. He wants to move The Cock to the Lit address because the space would have more room for drag shows and karaoke.

— And finally, here's how The Meat Hook Sandwich team makes an Italian sub from start to finish: