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Keith McNally's MePa Masterpiece Pastis Will Reopen in Gansevoort Martket Building

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Last year, the Meatpacking District was robbed of its soul. But now — like magic — its heart will beat again.

A man stands off-screen in front of a brick building whose sign reads Gansevoort Market in all capital letters
[Gansevoort photo by Robert Sietsema. Keith McNally photo by Krieger]

Say goodbye to the Gansevoort Market and say hello to Pastis 2.0. At last night's CB2 meeting Sir Keith McNally announced plans to reopen his French brasserie at 52 Gansevoort St., the single-story building that is currently home to the year-old year-old food hall. Aurora Capital's Jared Epstein explained that Gansevoort Market might move out in the third quarter of 2016 at the earliest, because the operators signed a two-year lease on the space. If everything goes according to plan, Pastis: Redux should open in 2017.  No word yet on whether or not the market — which features stalls from Champion Coffee and Sushi Dojo — will reopen in another space.

Kool Keith tells DNAinfo: "I'll be changing Pastis and it'll be quite different...I wouldn't be interested in reproducing the old Pastis. This is a very different time." The original Pastis closed in March 2014, due to a major overhaul of the building that was its home for 15 years. At First McNally vowed to return to the space after a hiatus, and then he announced plans to move it to another address on Gansevoort Street. Rumors of the Gansevoort Market take-over started to bubble up in March of this year, and now it's a done deal.

Unlike the vast majority of Keith's establishments, the new Pastis will NOT be on a corner — in that regard, it joins the ranks of Lucky Strike and Morandi, both of which are are masterpieces in their own right. McNally is also gearing up to open a French restaurant in the Financial District called Augustine. More details on the greatest comeback in Meatpacking District history as they become available.

Gansevoort Market

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