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Scientists Predict Major Shift in Space-Time-Burger Continuum as Friedman & Bloomfield Prepare for Opening of SALVATION BURGER

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You might not be able to get any work done today after reading about this new restaurant.

[Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield in 2010.]
[Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield in 2010.]
Lockhart Steele/Eater

April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman — the chef and restaurateur behind The Spotted Pig and The Breslin — are now putting the finishing touches on the only burger restaurant that matters this fall: Salvation Burger in the Pod 51 hotel. The long-rumored project will serve fancypants grilled burgers, skinny-ass fries, and crispy pies stuffed with greenmarket fruit. It's a high-low hootenanny on 51st Street, complete with housemade mustard and beef that's sourced from an upstate farm and ground in the kitchen. The wine will flow from bottles, tap, and boxes. Friedman explains: "We want to demystify the whole wine thing." Boxed wine and McDonald's-style crispy fruit pies on East 51st street? It's the oddball the combination that New York didn't know it needed.

The meat will be cooked on wood-based grills, and the menu will include Bloomfield's riffs on veggie burgers and the filet 'o' fish. Word on the street is that the chef has been doing a lot of R & D on these grilled burgers recently. She's already raised the bar pretty darn high with the Spotted Pig burger and The Breslin's lamb burger, but if anyone can surprise the diners of this city with cheeseburgers in 2015, it's April B.

Salvation Burger is slated to open in October. This is the dynamic duo's second project with the Pod Hotel team — the first, Salvation Taco, opened in fall 2012. Friedman and Bloomfield are also planning a monster fine dining project at 70 Pine St. the Financial District, which should open next year.

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