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Mister Softee Is Suing a Competitor for Using Its Signature Jingle

This isn't Mister Softee's first time in court.

The original Mister Softee.
The original Mister Softee.

The battles of the ice cream trucks seem to heat up every summer. This week, Mister Softee is suing the owner of the New York Ice Cream Truck for using its trademarked jingle, "The Mister Softee Sonic Mark," reports Gothamist. According to the suit, the jingle is "famous" and if it's used by unauthorized trucks like this one "the goodwill associated with Mister Softee's Sonic Mark will be diluted and taken from Mister Softee's control."

This isn't Mister Softee's first lawsuit. It sued the same company last year when it was called Master Softee, forcing the team to change its name. This time, Mister Softee is asking the court to stop New York Ice Cream from using the jingle and to be compensated for "treble damages."

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