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Greenpoint's Boulevard Tavern Will Close Later This Month After 10 Years

The bar was always a neighborhood favorite, but rising rents have made it tough for owner Harold Kramer.


After 10 years in business, Greenpoint's Boulevard Tavern will shutter at the end of the month. The bar has always been popular with locals, but owner Harold Kramer told DNAinfo that "The changing demographics of Greenpoint, the increased costs and competition with other bars made it too much of a struggle." The area's rising rents means "Our regulars moved out and we had older, more established people moving in. They don't like my type of bar. They like shiny, new places."

Kramer also explains in a Facebook post announcing the shutter that:

The past four years have been extremely difficult. Starting with [my wife] Ria's battle with cancer and her untimely death, things were just never the same. After Ria's death the business started to go downhill. I noticed the drop off right away. Just about that time  we saw new places open up in the neighborhood. I was sure these places were taking a bite out of Boulevard's business but without Ria there was something missing that could not be replaced. I kept the place going for last 3 years but it was always a struggle.

Kramer plans to make the most of the remaining weeks: "We will have a farewell party on August 29 with all our friends, a D.J., perhaps a barbecue in the backyard."

No word yet on where the historic signage — which predates Kramer's bar — will end up.

Boulevard Tavern

579 Meeker Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222 (718) 389-3252

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