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Is LA's Acclaimed Sushi Zo Coming to Greenwich Village? [UPDATE]

A New York address is showing up on the restaurant's website.

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Sushi Zo in downtown LA.
Sushi Zo in downtown LA.
Elizabeth Daniels

A sharp-eyed tipster spots a new, New York address on the website of LA's acclaimed sushi spot Sushi Zo: 88 West 3rd Street, just south of Washington Square. The address is home to neighborhood restaurant Masamoto Sushi, which is currently down on GrubHub and calls to the place go unanswered. Meanwhile, a staffer at one of the two Los Angeles locations wouldn't confirm or deny the expansion, but here's a shot of the listing on the website, which looks promising: [See update below]

sushi zo

In LA, chef and owner Keizo Seki serves a strictly omakase menu for around $160. Eater LA editor Matt Kang has gone as far as to name it "Probably the best sushi-only experience to be found in Los Angeles," so the move would certainly be welcome.

Update: A GM for the restaurant confirms that Sushi Zo should open in NYC in December.

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