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NYPD Files 'Indecent Exposure' Report on Happy Ending Alleged Rape

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A few new details about the case have come to light.

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Daniel Krieger

Two weeks ago, a woman named Pepper Ellett alleged that she was drugged and raped in the bathroom of Lower East Side bar Happy Ending by an employee. Following the incident Ellett and the owners of Happy Ending have offered conflicting accounts of what occurred during the evening in question. In one particularly egregious instance, a rep for the bar told Page 6 that there was only a "10 percent" chance that Ellett was raped. The rep was fired, but co-owner Oliver Stumm went on to release an edited version of the evening's security footage to Jezebel along with a statement countering much of Ellett's story and claiming that "Pepper decides to take judgment into her own hands on social media and other media outlets condemning Happy Ending and the New York law enforcement agencies without allowing them to do their job."

Today, in a thorough recap of the incident and aftermath, Jezebel reveals a few new details.

Perhaps the most notable is that the NYPD filed their report as an indecent exposure, not as rape. Ellett says she has not been contacted by the police since the report was filed, and so far, no arrests have been made.

Unsurprisingly, the bar two nights after was nearly empty, reports Jezebel. In the bathroom where the alleged incident took place, stalls now have signs outside of them that read "Only one person at a time permitted." Yelpers have also been battling for the two sides.

Co-owner Max Levai's most recent statement apologizes for the actions of the rep and for his co-owner Stumm's actions:

The comments made by both my partner in Happy Ending and my former communications representative in recent days were unfortunate...They are not reflective of how seriously I take this situation. I have reiterated to all involved, time and time again, to keep any speculation to themselves. I apologize for our communications failures. We will continue to do all we can to assist the authorities as their investigation reaches its conclusion.

Happy Ending

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