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Staten Island Pizza Legend Denino's Is Coming to Manhattan — and Florida

The owners say a franchise deal is in the works.

Bess Adler

Iconic Staten Island pizza destination Denino's — known for its epic clam and sausage pies — is planning to open in Manhattan soon. The owners are in the process of franchising the pizzeria and say that the first outpost will land in the Village sometime soon. "It's like MacDougal Street, Bleecker, over there ... [the lease signing] could be any day now," co-owner Michael Burke tells SI Live. Burke won't reveal the name of the franchisee because, in his words, "The rent will go up." So, perhaps that means a big name is behind this location. Manhattan isn't the only place on the expansion list. "We have a couple more planned — we're looking to do a lot in Florida," adds Burke.

Meanwhile, at the original, the owners are transforming the old house in the parking lot (where the family once lived) into an outdoor bar/waiting area to help with all of those lines.

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