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Drunk Taylor Swift Fans Wreak Havoc on East Village Wine Bar

WTF is wrong with these people?

Ballaro NYC/Facebook

East Village restaurateur Denyse Santoro says that she was harassed by a group of drunk Taylor Swift fanatics that were dining at her wine bar, Ballaro, on Sunday night. According to an email sent out to the restaurant's neighbors, members of the 15 person party requested that Santoro put a few Taylor Swift songs on the sound system during their meal.  Santoro says that she played two tracks for them and then switched to other music. From her email:

[A]fter the two songs ended and the playlist moved on to other artists, they started complaining even more and it escalated. They started screaming that the songs I played weren’t the right one and I was told that, "this place is shit, the music and the people here suck." I was then told to, "Go back to your country with that fucking immigrant face."

The restaurateur says that she then threw them out of the dining room, even though they had not paid the $500 tab. An EV Grieve reader that was at the restaurant witnessed the whole thing go down. The next day, Santoro found the words "We do not play Taylor Swift here you cunt grazie" scrawled in chalk outside of the restaurant.

In her note to the neighbors, which was also published on Facebook, Santoro explains: "I can’t allow groups of belligerent drunk people to insult my bar, myself or my staff. This place is my heart and soul, and I need to protect that." The restaurateur's Facebook update includes this picture of the restaurant's new sandwich board:


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