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Sadelle's Gargantuan Appetzing Tower, Andre Saraiva's Cafe, and More A.M. Intel

Everything you need to know about New York dining today, Tuesday, August 11.

[The dining room at Piora.  What if you went here for dinner tonight? It serves one of the city's most interesting salads and a killer steak.]
[The dining room at Piora. What if you went here for dinner tonight? It serves one of the city's most interesting salads and a killer steak.]
Daniel Krieger

B & H Dairy passed the gas authorization test from the Department of Buildings on Friday, so now it can cook with flames. The restaurant had a Con ED visit scheduled for yesterday, and it still has to pass a Department of Health inspection before it can reopen for good. The 73-year-old lunch counter has been closed since the horrible Second Avenue explosion in March.

Naturally, the Torrisi Squad is going to serve the world's most spectacular bagel and smoked fish platter at their new Soho bakery/restaurant Sadelle's. It looks like the lovechild of Balthazar's fruits de mer platter and a monster truck rally. The Robs note that this impressive seafood display will be the world's first and only "market-priced smoked-fish sampler." Sadelle's is slated to open at 463 West Broadway later this month.

D.C. noodle fans waited for over an hour and a half to try last weekend's Mu Ramen pop-up. Mu proprietors Joshua and Heidi Smookler are considering opening a spinoff of their LIC hit in the Washington D.C. area.

— And the hottest toast of August 2015 is:

— Street artist/nightlife guru/international playboy Andre Saraiva is planning a new all-day cafe at 110 Forsyth St. called Henrie. Saraiva is the guy who paints that smiling stick figure man with the top hat that you've probably seen all over town. No word yet on when his new cafe will open, but the signage is up and paper is in the windows.

— This fall, Bradley Cooper will star in Burnt, a movie about a washed-up chef with Michelin star dreams. In the trailer, Cooper's character declares: "I don't want my restaurant to be a place where you come and eat. I want people to sit at that table and be sick with longing." It hits theaters on October 23.

— A restaurateur by the name of Terry Tsian wants to open a five-table tasting menu/catering project in the tiny space at 44 East Fourth St. that was previously home to The Wash. Tsian is applying for a beer and wine license for the space.

The Mercadito Cantina space at 172 Avenue B has a new "for rent" sign in the window. The storefront has been empty since that restaurant closed way back in 2011. The original Mercadito space across the street is also for rent.

— The new Tribeca location of Aussie cafe Two Hands will open in October at 251 Church St. Frankie Cox, a veteran of Montmartre and Navy, will helm the kitchen.

— And finally, here's April Bloomfield demonstrating how to make three awesome vegetable dishes from her book A Girl and Her Greens.

Momofuku Ssäm Bar

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