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High Street Plywood, New York's First Cereal Bar, and More A.M. Intel

Everything you need to know New York dining today, Monday August 10.

[The atrium room at The Nomad. An ideal place for a late breakfast or a business lunch today.]
[The atrium room at The Nomad. An ideal place for a late breakfast or a business lunch today.]
Daniel Krieger

— Signage is up in the window of Eli Kulp's highly anticipated West Village restaurant High Street on Hudson. This is a spinoff of the chef's popular Philadelphia establishment Hight Street on Market, which serves some of the finest breakfast sandwiches in America. Kulp is still recovering from severe injuries sustained in that horrible Amtrak crash in May. If everything goes according to plan, High Street will open in the old Corsino space at 637 Hudson Street in the next few months.

[Photo: Eater Tipline/reader Caroline.]

A few doors down, a new restaurant called Bespoke Kitchen is moving into the old Sakura Hana space at 615 1/2 Hudson. If you spot any restaurant plywood in your neighborhood, drop us a line or send us a photo.

— The war between Montauk NIMBYS and Manhattan party kids enters another phase today, with news that East Hampton officials have banned parking on the road near The Surf Lodge. Presumably, this will curb the noise and general sloppiness emanating from the bar/restaurant, although the move will no doubt spawn the East End's most epic cab line.

Is the restaurant industry going through a "chef shortage," because millennials don't want to go to culinary school and put up with the hardships and shitty pay associated with kitchen life? That's one theory posed by Fortune magazine, although there are very few facts to back up that claim. Boston chef/restaurateur Chris Coombs has one hypothesis about kids these days: "They all want to be Anthony Bourdain...The television era has warped the perception of how much work it takes to get from where they are to where [Bourdain] is."

— Word on the street is that the new Williamsburg location of seminal New York City slice shop Joe's Pizza is slated to open tomorrow. The new outpost is located on the northwest corner of Bedford Avenue and North 5th Street.

— Vin Diesel has a five-hour meal with his family at Louie & Chan on the Lower East Side last week.

On any given night at Williamsburg's Loosie Rouge, you might find people who are "chugging into their 30s and look dressed for an al fresco dinner party in Tulum," according to the Times.

The bartenders of this city are going nuts with elaborate presentations and drink garnishes. Case in point: The Standing Room in LIC serves a beverage in a hollowed-out bell pepper, and The Clocktower has a drink that's garnished with glow sticks, a friendship bracelet, and temporary tattoos.

Alphabet City Vietnamese restaurant Long Bay shuttered after less than five weeks in business. A "for sale" sign now hangs in the window. In other EVill news, cafe/gift store Sustainable NYC just called it quits after seven years on Avenue A.

— Sneaker boutique Kith NYC is opening a new location in Brooklyn that will have a cereal bar with 24 varieties of breakfast treats, plus 10 types of milk and 30 toppings. No word yet on how much that cereal will cost, but guests will probably pay way more money than anyone wants to spend on store-bought food that requires zero cooking. New York's first cereal bar/sneaker store is slated to open at 233 Flatbush Avenue on August 27.

— Fuku — the most important chicken sandwich restaurant of our generation — is now serving one single dessert item: Confetti Cookies from Milk Bar. Fuku is taking its usual two-day break, but those chicken sandwiches, salads, fries, drinks, and cookies will be available again starting on Wednesday.

— As a special Monday surprise, here's a flashback from the Eater archives: Michael Laiskonis making "citrus" in the kitchen of Le Bernardin back in 2011.

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