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José Andrés Is Finally Bringing His Modern Spanish Restaurant The Bazaar to NYC

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This time, it's for real.

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Remember those rumors ages ago that D.C.-based chef José Andrés was bringing his El Bulli-style spherical olives and his Spanish restaurant The Bazaar to NYC? They're for real this time. Hotel chain SLS confirms in a release that Andrés will open an outpost of The Bazaar in their upcoming Philippe Starck-designed hotel at 30th and Park Avenue South next summer. The news isn't too surprising. Andrés and SLS are longtime partners, his original location of The Bazaar is in their hotel in Beverly Hills and he's the hotel chain's culinary director. At the NYC hotel, there are also plans for a basement bar called SBar and a rooftop lounge, which Andrés will likely oversee, but not run. Eater's reaching out to Andrés' team so stay tuned.

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The Bazaar

444 Park Avenue South, New York, NY