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Shake Shack's Parkburger, Nu Veggie Contender, Bowery Bonanza, and More Burger Intel

This week's BurgerWire is a 70 percent / 30 percent mix of news and salacious gossip.

The ParkBurger
The ParkBurger
Nick Solares

Shake Shack's ParkBurger Becomes Permanent Menu Item...

While Shake Shack's new Brooklyn only ChickenShack sandwich was the big news out of the chain this week, a representative tells Eater that the ParkBurger will remain on the Madison Square Park menu permanently. Served exclusively at the original location, the ParkBurger (single, $7.09; double, $9.39) is a standard Shack hamburger topped with a Jasper Hill Farm raw cow’s milk cheese sauce and Niman Ranch applewood-smoked bacon, on a Martin's potato bun, of course. The special burger was originally announced as a limited time offering to celebrate the reopening of the MSP location.

...But Wall Street Isn't So Down With The Shack

But if the news is good for consumers this week investors in the chain are not so happy. brings word that Morgan Stanley has downgraded the stock causing shares to plummet.

Bastille Day at Le Rivage

Chef Paul Denamiel will be running a burger special at Midtown French charmer Le Rivage next week in honor of Bastille Day. The French onion soup burger — one of the top 25 burgers in Midtown — and a beer will set you back $17.89. The price references the year July 14, 1798 when the Bastille was stormed. The special is available all day on Monday and during lunch and after 7:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday next week.

Two is a (Veggie) Trend

NÜ Burger is an all organic, vegan, gluten free, and non-GMO fast food concept. Just like Superiority Burger before it. NU Burger started off as a pop-up but has now found a semi-permanent home at Smorgasburg at Brooklyn Flea. Whether this leads to a permanent brick and mortar location remains to be seen, but Superiority Burger may have a rival on its hands for best veggie burgers in the city title.

This is what Happens When 27 Bros Order 27 Bowery Meat Co. Burgers All At Once

If there was ever any doubt that multiple Burger Bash winner Josh Capon could and should be operating his own burger chain this should dispel the notion.

That's how you pick up 27 BMC Burgers!

A video posted by Josh Capon (@chefcapon) on

Audio Interlude

Finally, for your listening pleasure and edification, head on over to the Sporkful podcast to hear host Dan Pashman interview flavor chemist Tom Ryan and delve deep in to the science of the hamburger. The podcast is a few weeks old, but the information is still fresh.

Shake Shack

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Bowery Meat Company

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Le Rivage

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