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Shit People Steal: Someone Swiped Luksus's Michelin Star Plaque

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Daniel Burns says the plaque can be returned, no questions asked.

Daniel Krieger

We're adding a Michelin star to the list of bizarre Shit People Steal from restaurants. Daniel Burns of Luksus, the Nordic tasting menu destination tucked behind Tørst in Greenpoint, tells the Village Voice that someone swiped the restaurant's Michelin star plaque a week ago. "We do an e-mail at the end of the night about business and I read this one and I was like, 'what did that say again? Did that say the Michelin star sign was stolen?'"

The theft left a blank wall behind:

WTF?! who steals a michelin star sign ?? @luksus_nyc @torst_nyc where it used to hang....

A photo posted by Luksus (@luksus_nyc) on

The plaque, which the team earned just last year, apparently wasn't bolted down, but rather hung up with some glue: "I certainly didn't screw it down. Obviously someone wanted it pretty bad. I guess next time I'll put it in the kitchen."

Additional plaques from Michelin usually cost about $100, but the company says they'll replace this one for free considering the situation. Burns, who isn't filing a police report, also says the plaque can be returned, no questions asked.

In our books, this theft ranks pretty high on the Shit People Steal list. Other items on the list from the past year include: the Spotted Pig's pig, Dirty French's frog mascot, Bubby's cow, and T.P. from Dirt Candy. Perhaps its time for a citywide Restaurant Amnesty Week.


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