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What to Expect at Carla Hall's Forthcoming 'Cobble Hook' Hot Chicken Restaurant

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The Chew co-host plants her flag on the Brooklyn Waterfront.

Daniel Krieger/Official Site

After serving one last round of tamarind whiskey sours and fish saucy wings on Friday night, Andy Ricker's Thai bar Whiskey Soda Lounge shuttered to make way for a new project from The Chew's co-host Carla Hall.  This will most likely be Carla Hall's Southern Kitchen, a Nashville Hot Chicken restaurant that has been in the works for at least a year now. So far, at least 1,550 people are behind the restaurant, giving a total of $264,703 to Hall's Kickstarter campaign, where she calls the project "a slow-cooked, fast-served neighborhood eatery serving up old-fashioned southern comfort goodness."

Hall plans to open by fall, so the changeover of the space, recipe development, and staffing will have to happen quickly. Most of this is uncharted territory for Hall. Despite her fame from Top Chef and The Chew, the chef has never opened a restaurant, and most of her culinary background is in hotels and catering.  She's already given the area around the restaurant a new name: Cobble Hook. As in: "We're heading to Brooklyn baby! More specifically Cobble Hook, between Red Hook and Cobble Hill." If all goes well in Cobble Hook, Hall plans to open lots of outposts.

Last September, Hall announced plans to open a general store named for her grandmother Freddie Mae next door selling Nashville-made products. But, it's been a while since Hall mentioned that, so it's possible that it's on the back burner or no longer in the works.

Eater's reached out to Hall's team for more details, but in the meanwhile, check out Hall's proposed menu:

carla hall menu


Whiskey Soda Lounge

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