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Grandchamps Brings a Taste of Haiti to Bed-Stuy; Croque Monsieur Heads Uptown

Six new restaurants to know in NYC.

Greg Morabito

MIDTOWN EAST — Greenwich Village's Croque Monsieur sandwich shop expanded with an outlet near Grand Central last week. There are no fewer than 17 heated sandwiches on the menu including the traditional croque monsieurs and madames, along with options like the mr. rene with Laughing Cow Cheese, Speculoos, and strawberry jam. Status: Certified open. 459 Lexington Avenue.

BED-STUY — Husband and wife Shawn and Sabrina Brockman recently opened a space called Grandchamps that's one part cafe/lunch counter and one part market, all focused on Haitian cooking, reports DNAinfo. Expect codfish sandwiches, and pikliz, shrimp served in tomato and cashew sauce. Status: Certified open. 197 Patchen Avenue.

CHELSEA MARKET — Popular fish market The Lobster Place recently added a 12-seat omakase bar. There are a few options but the traditional omakase option tops out at $65, making it one of the cheapest in the city. Keep in mind, the counter is in the midst of the fish market, so expect that signature aroma and the bustling of shoppers around you. Status: Certified open. 75 Ninth Ave, 212-255-5672.

marker coffee

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CROWN HEIGHTS — Marker Coffee poured its first cup of Cafe Grumpy coffee today, says DNAinfo. To go with it, there are cranberry lime scones and biscuits with raspberry jam. Status: Certified open. 241 Rogers Avenue.

UPPER EAST SIDE — Swedish cafe chain Fika is now open uptown. It's a little bit over from Museum Mile, but still a decent option for Met/Guggenheim go-ers. Wine and beer service should kick off in about a month, says DNAinfo. Status: Certified open. 1331 Lexington Avenue, 917-475-1021.

UPPER WEST SIDE — Upper East Side kosher pizzeria Saba Pizza just opened across the park in the former home of Pizza by La Grolla, notes West Side Rag. Status: Certified open. 403 Amsterdam Avenue.