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Team Torrisi Charges on with World Domination Plan, Putting Final Touches on Sadelle's

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Everything you know about bagels, Soho, and New York City in general is about to change.

A first look inside.
A first look inside.

Fresh off the PBC debut of their shrine to red sauce Parm, the perennially busy Torrisi boys are getting close to opening their bagel laboratory and appetizing shop Sadelle's with ex-Roberta's baker Melissa Weller. The former I Tre Merli West Broadway space, with its construction permits still posted outside, isn't quite ready for its prime time debut, but it's getting close.


Nick Solares

Behind the brown paper, the kitchen crew is busy recipe testing and practicing its bagel rolling and lox slicing, while the construction crew is handling the final touches — like installing this white marble counter that apparently weighs more than a tank of mercury.

And possibly installing some bagel poles.

This isn't the only place the Torrisi team is spending its time. There's still that large dining room at Parm Brookfield to open and Parm Williamsburg to work on, plus the remake of the original Torrisi restaurant space on Mulberry Street. So, stay tuned for more updates on the Torrisi World Domination Plan.


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