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Move over Sigfried and Roy, the Torrisi Boys Are the New Stars of the Vegas Strip

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The new Vegas project from the Major Food Group has an appropriately spectacular sign.

Carbone photo by Daniel Krieger

To cap off a week when everyone was talking about the unstoppable Torrisi Team, here is a visual reminder that Mario Carbone, Rich Torrisi, and Jeff Zalaznick are about to conquer Las Vegas:

This was pretty much meant to be, spiritually for Carbone, I think. #vegasgram

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That is some monster signage. The new outpost of Carbone in the Aria resort is slated to open this October with a dining room influenced by the Rat Pack-era of the Vegas Strip. Back in May, Jeff Z. told Eater Vegas:

Las Vegas and New York had a synergy during that time period...The same people who were eating at Rocco's in New York were eating at the Sands in Las Vegas with similar experiences, including captain-driven service and table side presentations. Carbone at Aria will embody that glamorous era of Sin City.

The new restaurant will take over a space formerly occupied by the Maccioni family's Le Cirque spinoff, Sirio. Major Food Group also operates an outpost of Carbone in Hong Kong.


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