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Cheap Chinese Buffet Yip's Is Closing Its Midtown Location Tomorrow

The Beaver Street location is alive and well.

Google Street View

Chinese buffet company Yip's, which operates large and inexpensive steam table spots, is closing its Midtown outpost tomorrow evening. A staffer at the location on Beaver Street in the Financial District says the owner simply isn't renewing the Midtown lease, but the downtown location is staying put. Back in 2011 Goodies First blogger Krista Garcia described the scene at the downtown location as:

Spending even one second longer than necessary to put a tong-full of wrinkled string beans and syrupy roast pork in a plastic clamshell container would be shameful — and the two women working the counter enable your rapid departure by being models of inhuman efficiency. I don't know if being called a cyborg is complimentary, but when you need to get your junk food lunch and be back at your desk in under five minutes, it doesn't hurt to have cyborgs on your side.

The team posted a sign on a TV screen earlier this summer.



The restaurant will be missed by at least one tweeter....

Yips Restaurant

18 Beaver St, New York, NY 10004 (212) 480-9010

The Original Yip's Oriental Express

52 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10104 (212) 397-8293

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