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Cobble Hill Favorite Char No. 4 Will Pour its Last Shot of Bourbon on July 12

This place was smoking meat before the great Brooklyn Barbecue boom of the last five years.

Char No 4

After seven years in business, one of New York's essential barbecue restaurants, Char No. 4, is calling it quits. In an email sent out to fans and followers, owner Sean Josephs explains that the restaurant will close for good after service on Sunday, July 12. Until then, Char No. 4 will be serving a menu of customer favorites along with a few nightly specials. No word yet on just why, exactly, the restaurant is closing, or what the team has planned next.

Char No. 4 got good reviews from the critics when it opened back in 2008, but in recent years, the restaurant received more attention for its outstanding bourbon selection than for its barbecue and comfort food dishes. Last night, the bar was pouring top-shelf bourbon shots for $6.

Hear any news about a restaurant opening or closing in your neighborhood? Please let us know.

Char No. 4

196 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201