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TWA Center Dining, Luksus's Michelin Star Caper, and More a.m. Intel

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Everything you need to know about New York dining today, Tuesday, July 28.

[The barroom at Reynard, a fine place to grab a cheeseburger today, or a drink after work.]
[The barroom at Reynard, a fine place to grab a cheeseburger today, or a drink after work.]
Daniel Krieger

—The big airport news of the week is that LaGuardia is getting a major overhaul that will include new concessions, although no word yet on what those dining options will be. But even more exciting, perhaps, is the news that the hotel/museum complex that's going into the iconic TWA Flight Center at JFK will feature "six to eight dining establishments," according to Curbed NY. MCR Development, the company that built The High Line Hotel, is in charge of the revamp of the space along with Jet Blue. At one point a few years ago, Andre Balazs was linked to the space, although the team in charge of the revamp has not announced who will be running the hotel or the restaurants yet.

— The curious case of Luksus's missing Michelin star has now come to an end. Earlier this month, some punk stole the plaque right off the wall.  Chef/restaurateur Daniel Burns did not file a police report, but he did say that the thief could return the star, no questions asked. As it turns out, the criminal never brought the star back, but the Michelin Guide kindly issued the restaurant a new star:

michelin sign safely back in the house :) @torst_nyc

A photo posted by Luksus (@luksus_nyc) on

Burns tells Eater that he got it in the mail yesterday.

Some franchise owners are considering filing lawsuits against the State of New York over the $15 fast food worker minimum wage hike. This new piece of legislation, which got approval from the Wage Board last week, will apply to restaurants with 30 or more locations across the state. An attorney for one of the franchise owners tells NBC: "This proposal is an irrational and discriminatory race to judgment to achieve a predetermined outcome." The proposal will soon be passed on to Governor Cuomo's labor commissioner for approval.

The stars of The Americans, Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys, had a date at Baba Cool in Fort Greene over the weekend. Page Six reports that they looked "chill" while eating salads.

— The Chinatown space that was home to the Booker and Dax office/test lab is now on the market.

— Before Chick-Fil-A opens its first Manhattan outpost, the chain will test the waters with a location in Port Jefferson, Long Island.

Nightlife mogul Noah Tepperberg is now a dad.

— The Jackson Heights Food Court has mysteriously shuttered. DNAinfo notes that the operation closed last October after it received a slew of DOH violations, but a new management team took it over and reopened the space in November. No word yet on why it shuttered this time, or when/if it i will reopen again.

— And finally, here's how Ratchanee Sumpatboon makes the fiery papaya salads at Hell's Kitchen winner Larb Ubol:


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