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JG Melon Downtown Backlash, Roadside Burger Hits Shake Shack, and More Burger Intel

This week's BurgerWire comes with unlimited toppings and free fries.

JG Melon, Greenwich Village.
JG Melon, Greenwich Village.
Nick Solares

The Cultural Misappropriation of the UES

Not everyone is delighted by the franchising of JG Melon and its expansion downtown. The NY Post catches up with some regulars at the original Upper East Side location who are positively apoplectic about the notion of downtowners "blogging about fat ratios and bun densities." While it may be a little late for that, the idea that the brand hasn't been diluted as a result is a valid one. Fans of other similarly beloved burger joints such as Corner Bistro and P.J. Clarke's can empathize, as both of those iconic names have now been replicated elsewhere. As one regular is quoted as saying JG Melon "isn't about tourists, or commercialism, or the downtown scene." To prove the point, the Post ends with a juicy quote from an Italian tourist.

Limited Edition Burger at Shake Shack

Hot on the heels of unleashing a potentially game-changing chicken sandwich, Shake Shack has rolled out a new limited time only hamburger. The Roadside Shack (single $6.19; double $8.99) is a cheeseburger topped with caramelized onions simmered in beer and bacon. It is an homage to roadside burger stands, and will be available at all NYC Shake Shacks, except CitiField (sorry Mets fans). Shake Shack has been known to experiment with limited time offerings in the past. While none have been added permanently to the menu at all locations, some have found a place at specific locations like the Park Burger sold at the original Madison Square Park Shack.

Photo:Shake Shack

Fast-Food Style Burger at Porter House NY

Meanwhile, up at the swanky steakhouse Porter House NY, chef Michael Lomonaco has started quietly serving an off menu fast-food style double cheeseburger ($16) with American cheese, red onion jam, and pickled Jalapeño.  It is available at the bar only, from 2:45 p.m. until closing. It is a departure from the chef's signature dry aged burger (which remains on the lunch menu, and bar menu at both lunch and dinner).  This is a large eight ounce patty affair, which evokes the roadside burger stand. Sounds familiar.

Photo:Michael Lomonaco

Fusion Style Burger at Tasca Chino

Not to be outdone, chef Alex Urena recently unveiled the Tasca Burger ($16) at Spanish / Chinese fusion restaurant Tasca Chino.  A paprika and garlic infused beef patty is ensconced in a Chinese steamed bun and topped with a fried egg, Manchego cheese, and a sherry aioli. It comes served inside a bamboo steam box and is available at both lunch and dinner.

A Veggie Style Burger at Fritzl's Lunch Box?!?

Is Dan Ross-Leutwyler, who already serves a kick ass cheeseburger, getting in on the veggie burger game over at Fritzl's Lunch Box?

#bandwagonjumping #veggieburgers #comingsoon

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