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Real Estate Deal Could Signal the End for Brooklyn Heights Old-Timer Montero’s Bar

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The bar used to open at 8:30 a.m. to appeal to longshoremen working overnight shifts.


75-year-old Brooklyn Heights bar Montero's might close at some point in the near future because the owner is considering selling the building. The Times reports that proprietor Pepe Montero made a pact with his neighbors to sell the Montero's space and the apartments above it if an investor wanted to buy the whole row of buildings on that block for $56 million. That means each owner would get approximately $7 million apiece.

Montero's originally opened on the other side of Atlantic Avenue, but it moved in 1947 when the buildings were torn down to make way for the BQE. For decades, the bar was a hangout for longshoremen who worked nearby, and it still has some die-hard fans. The space is full of knick knacks acquired over the last seven and a half decades in business, including a "Montero's Bar" sign from Brazil made of butterfly wings. According to the NYT, some patrons believe the bar might be haunted with the ghosts of former customers.

Of course, if nobody wants to buy the row of buildings for $56 million, there's a chance the bar would stick around for a few more years. But if you want to pay one more visit to Montero's, it's probably better to do so sooner rather than later.

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