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Dinex Group Servers Settle Class Action Wage Suit Against Boulud For $1.4 Million

The servers involved with the suit will each get around $900.

Daniel Krieger

A group of current and former Dinex front of the house employees recently settled a class action lawsuit against mega chef/restaurateur Daniel Boulud. The workers claimed that Boulud did not pay them adequately for menial tasks that were outside their job descriptions.  They also alleged that they were not paid for overtime, that Boulud pulled in tips from events, and that the chef forced the servers to pool their gratuities with the kitchen staff. 1,050 workers were involved in the suit, which was filed last summer.

The lawsuit was settled for $1.4 million. That number is lower than the group of servers had wanted, and some of the plaintiffs are expected to ask the judge for a bigger portion of the settlement. The Post notes that after they pay their lawyers, each employee will get about $889. Boulud does not have to admit any guilt as a result of the deal.

In recent years, similar wage-related class action lawsuits were filed against Sushi Yasuda, Le Cirque, Kefi, and B & B Hospitality, to name a few. Boulud was also slapped with a similar lawsuit back in 2010.


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