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Unstoppable Torrisi Wolfpack to Revamp The Four Seasons Space in 2016

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The Four Seasons space is getting a major overhaul from the people who brought you Parm, Carbone, Santina, and Dirty French.

Daniel Krieger

Seagram Building owner Aby Rosen is partnering with Mario Carbone, Rich Torrisi, and Jeff Zalaznick — AKA the Unstoppable Torrisi Triumvirate — on a revamp of the space that currently houses Midtown legend The Four Seasons. After Julian Niccolini and Alex von Bidder move out next year, the boys will cruise on in, make a few upgrades to the space, and reopen it with three separate "experiences." The Pool Room and Grill Room will have different menus and vibes, and the space that was recently home to The Brasserie will become another dining area with a separate list of options. Jeff Zalaznick tells the Times: "The idea is to restore and reinvigorate the greatest restaurant space that’s ever existed."

Carbone, Torrisi, and Zalaznick will all be partners in this new project along with Rosen, and Aby promises to offer his new buds "fair market rent." The power lunch will stay, but once the new crew rolls in, the space will no longer be called The Four Seasons. As you may recall, Rosen was asking Niccolini and von Bidder for triple the rent if they wanted to sign a new lease.

Over the last year, Rosen has been very vocal about wanting to get some new, younger energy in the space once Niccolini and von Bidder moved out. With ultra-luxe restaurants like Carbone, the tasting menu iteration of Torrisi Italian Specialties, and ZZ's Clam Bar, the Princes of Parm have proved that they know how to sell pricey food to a younger audience while also appealing to an older set. Carbone notes: "When you connect the dots backward, it feels like it was all practice for this. This is the Madison Square Garden of food."

In a few weeks, the Mayors of Mutz will open their new Jewish bakery Sadelle's, in Soho.

The Four Seasons Restaurant

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