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Having Flipped the Script on Sandwiches, David Chang Sets His Sights on Chicken Fingers

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We've crossed the line into uncharted territory.

Daniel Krieger

During phase one of FukuSanity, Dave Chang and his Momofuku soldiers established the backbone of their new restaurant in the old Ko space: crispy chicken sandwiches with potato wedges. People line up for those sandwiches most days because they're delicious. Nobody seems to agree on the wedges, but they don't distract from the main event. Fuku's core menu item is basically the fried chicken sandwich equivalent of a bright red Lamborghini with a sick sound system bumping Van Halen's "Panama" while burning rubber down Highway 1.

Now that the first month is over, it looks like Fuku is entering a new phase where Chang will strategically deploy some new items to fill out the menu.  He teased a Juicy Lucy last week, and Instagram almost turned into a big pile of goo. And today, Chang pulled the curtain off another dish he's been working on in the Fuku test laboratory, which is rumored to be docked off the coast of Cote d'Ivoire as you read this:

That's right, David Chang is getting into the chicken fingers game. As we know, chicken tenders are perfect. And although these are fingers, the bawdy cousin of chicken tenders, it's clear that something very big is happening here, indeed. From this video, we can surmise that Chang's chicken fingers are probably the most ideal specimens in the United States and probably the Western Hemisphere for that matter. Perfect size, perfect shape, perfect craggly crust. It's too bad eyes don't have taste buds, but for now we can just gaze upon them, and wonder what secrets lie within. No word yet on when these bad boys will hit the menu.

Stay tuned for more updates from the eye of the crispy-fried poultry storm.

Eater Video: Live at the debut of Fuku and its delicious chicken


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