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Hamptons Hot Spot Robert's Unexpetedly Closes Due to Tax Issues

Friday night reservations were cancelled unexpectedly.


Hamptons diners who had reservations for dinner at tony Water Mill restaurant Robert's were in for a shock on Friday night when they received phone calls late in the afternoon saying that unfortunately the place would be closed that evening. The Coastal Italian spot located in a charming old house, has been popular since it opened in 1999, with Matt Lauer and Christie Brinkley among the regular clientele. "We got a call at 4:30 on Friday night cancelling our table.'' sighed one Sagaponack resident. "Where were going to get another reservation on a weekend in the Hamptons?''

According to insiders, the state is alleging that the establishment wasn't reporting all its cash income, because such a large percentage of customers in the high-end area actually pay in plastic. "This has been an ongoing disagreement with the New York State Tax Authority,'' explained a representative for the restaurant. "We expect to reopen on Thursday.''