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Ravi DeRossi's Tiki Bar Mother of Pearl Starts Pouring Fruity Drinks Tuesday

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Gin Palace's stock of gin has been swapped for rum and fruity garnishes.

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Nightlife maven Ravi DeRossi has swapped out his large stash of gin at Gin Palace for rum, cachaca, and tequila. He also gave the space a tiki makeover, and redubbed the Avenue A bar Mother of Pearl. DeRossi was forced to shutter the bar last November, when the building literally started to sink into the ground. He used the time to fix that pesky sinking problem and give the space a completely new look with a sort of 1970's Hawaiian feel including totem pole bar stools, banquettes covered with fabric that looks like it was ripped straight from your grandma's basement, and some seriously swank molding.

The Menu: Dram's Thomas Chadwick and the NoMad Bar's Jane Danger put together the cocktail menu with drinks like the shark eye (passion fruit, lemon, maraschino, curaçao, bourbon, tiki bitters) and the tide is high (cashew, pineapple, lime, mezcal, reposado tequila). Andrew D'Ambrosi, the chef at DeRossi's Carroll Gardens seafood and cocktail emporium Bergen Hill, is in charge of the food here.

Sticking with the tiki theme there's tuna poke made with soy tapioca, macadamia, miso, and seaweed, and uni kalani made with spam, eggs, shiso, puffed rice, and toast. Like the menu at Bergen Hill, most of the items are small plates, but there are a few larger options for those who want dinner like a Kahlua pork belly with ginger glaze, pineapple kimchi, smoked cashews, coconut rice, and bibb lettuce.

Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl

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