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Whole Foods CEOs Take to YouTube to Explain How They're Fixing Overcharging Snafu

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Catch the team overcharging on an item? It's now free.


Whole Foods is trying to pull itself out of hot water after a city sting found that the market has been overcharging customers since 2010. Co-CEO's John Mackey and Walter Robb took to Youtube this week to explain how the market is working to remedy this PR nightmare: "Straight up, we made some mistakes and we want to own that," says Robb.

To fix things, the pair promises that staff will be better trained and that the market will bring in a third party auditor to track if the staff is properly weighing items at the stores. They'll release a report in 45 days, notes the Daily News. Additionally, the pair explains that you can feel free to ask your cashier to re-weigh any item you suspect is mislabeled, if it is — and that charge isn't in your favor —  that item will be free (yes, the lines at Whole Food Union Square probably just got even longer).

Department of Consumer Affairs Commissioner Julie Menin, who said called the results of the sting one of the "worst case of overcharges" her inspectors had ever seen, seems satisfied with the market's efforts to fix things, but promises her department will still be keeping an eye out:

We are gratified that, as a result of our investigation, Whole Foods is admitting the deficiencies in how they label their pre-packaged foods and taking steps to ensure no New Yorker is overcharged. DCA will remain vigilant and hold Whole Foods and other supermarkets accountable for any misleading and deceptive practices.

Whole Foods will still have to deal with potentially thousands of dollars worth of fines owned to the city and at least one lawsuit from a very disgruntled customer.

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