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Altamarea Group's Retro Canteen The Butterfly Goes on Vacation Till Labor Day

Altamarea Group's most unusual restaurant closes for six weeks of maxing and relaxing.

Daniel Krieger

Altamarea Group's American bar/restaurant The Butterfly is taking a break for the rest of the summer. A rep for the group explains that the restaurant is on "hiatus till Labor Day," with a note that it's "so quiet in Tribeca in the summer."

The Butterfly opened almost exactly two years ago with modern updates on forgotten cocktails by Eben Freeman, and a menu of comfort foods designed by Michael White and Marea's Jared Gadbaw. It never got the major review treatment that White's other restaurants received, but the cocktail list — and the patty melt — generated some good buzz. Since day one, it's always been Altamarea's quirkiest restaurant.

[The Patty Melt by Nick Solares]

This is the first time any Altamarea Group restaurant has taken an extended break of this nature. But it's true that as of Friday at 12:30 p.m., we are officially living in The Dog Days of Summer 2015. The third week in July till Labor Day Weekend is a time when most sane New Yorkers take a few days off from the grind if they can afford to do so — or a week or two if that's feasible — and a lot of restaurants close to make some upgrades/completely overhaul their business plans.

Later this year, Altamarea will open a new French restaurant on East 63rd Street called Vaucluse. Including The Butterfly, Altamarea currently operates seven New York restaurants, and 16 restaurant worldwide.

UpdateA message on the Butterfly's homepage reads: "Celebrating summer by giving our team a chance to work on their craft by researching cocktails, traveling, and renovating the space."

The Butterfly

225 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013