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President Obama Treats His Daughters to the Wondrous Italian-American Spectacle of Carbone

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Everything you need to know about the most important presidential meal of the year.

Daniel Krieger

Last night, President Barack Obama took Sasha and Malia to one of New York's finest — and most expensive — Italian-American restaurants: Carbone. Did Barack order the tableside Caesar, the rigatoni alla vodka, and the $64 veal parm? That would've been a perfect order for a Friday night, although at this point we can only speculate as to what the President and his daughters ate. But you can bet that they had a helluva good time — that restaurant aims to please.

The President has a flawless track record when it comes to New York restaurants. Over the past seven years, he's dined at Maialino, Blue Hill, Gotham Bar & Grill, Red Rooster, Daniel, The Nomad, and Estela. Whenever the President eats out in New York, the police and secret service fan out around the restaurant so that it's impossible for anyone to get near it, and last night was no exception:

One Eater reader managed to snap a pic of the President while dining at a nearby table last night:

Obama at Carbone

After dinner, The President and his daughters got a private, 11 p.m. tour of the Whitney Museum. Here are a few reactions to the scene in Greenwich Village last night from Twitter:

Update: Eater sources say that the Obamas and their crew ordered the veal parm, the crab cakes, the porterhouse for two, the spicy rigatoni alla vodka, the meatballs, the lobster ravioli, and a bottle of Fenocchio Barbaresco 2010.

Update 2: A diner shot this video of The President leaving Carbone the other night:

Obama y yo tenemos los mismos gustos #carbone ❤️ #ny last night ... Se emocionan igualito q con nuestro presidente

A video posted by Ana De la Reguera (@adelareguera) on

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