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Sushi Roxx: The Restaurant That Feels Like MTV's The Grind

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The clubsteraunt will officially open on Wednesday.


It's been a good long while since New York got a big new dinner theater spectacle. On Wednesday, clubsteraunt Sushi Roxx will finally bust its move. "I really wanted to have a dinner experience where I was immersing a guest into a music video," owner Jason Apfelbaum told the Post. And, it seems like that's what people will get. Former Knicks dancer and Pussycat Doll Asia Nitollano is in charge of the entertainment, and according to one Post reporter, the 20 waitresses double as dancers, breaking out into coordinated salsa routines and other dances throughout the evening, right next to the tables of diners. It's a "Tokyo-nightlife-infused venue," explains Apfelbaum. The walls are covered in Japanese posters and a Godzilla mural, that seem to scream out: look here! And, here! And, here!

Sushi of Gari alum, Edwin Purnomo is running the kitchen and serving things like avocado and rock shrimp tempura, pricey sushi rolls ($18), and edamame.

Here's a preview that dancing:

Sushi Roxx

120 East 39th Street, New York, NY 212.726.9500