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PYT Burger Menu Details, David Chang's Burger Manifesto, and more Burger Intel

This week's BurgerWire is served rare with American cheese.

Nick Solares

Crucial Intel from Tommy Up of PYT Burger

Eater chatted with Philly burger master Tommy Up about the forthcoming NYC branch of his stunt sandwich shop PYT, here are the juicy details.

Why NYC, why now?

PYT NYC has an acronymic charm that has always called for the fulfillment of these six fun letters, but the recent push has come from the increasing influx of NYC visitors to our Philly joint, thanks to our exposure on the internet and all the foodie TV shows we've made burgers for.  On a typical weekend nowadays, easily a third of our crowd is from NYC and they've been very vocal about us opening up shop in their town.

Do you have any specially burgers planned that you can tell us about?

The CBGB Burger. It pays respect to our Bowery location and our DIY work ethic: Cheddar, beef, garlic bread bun, and bacon.

How much of the Philly menu can we expect here in NYC?

We're bringing our monster sellers: Cheesesteak Pretzel Roll, The Pickelback, our PYT Burger, The Calibunga veggie burger and rotating in our hall of famers: Deep Fried Twinkie Burger, Lasagna Bun Burger and the trashy but tasty Elliot's Pizza Burger. The D'oh Nut Cheesteak Burger will also be making its NYC debut!

What are you favorite NYC burgers and who do you consider your biggest competition?

I don't often eat other people's burgers anymore. It really helps me to be absolutely starving for a burger when we work on a new one and I don't like being influenced by other's work. Our "competition" is probably Umami...I appreciate their commitment to a flavor profile. That said I've had Minetta's $28 burger and it was worth it. It's like $4 a bite but who's counting?

So when can we expect PYT to be open?

Late this summer! We've been invited as the official visiting guest for National Burger Week in London in late either before we leave for that, or right after we get back.

JG Melon Set to Open Greenwich Village Outpost on Monday

The downtown branch of seminal Upper East Side pub JG Melon is set to open Monday, July 20 at 89 MacDougal Street in the West Village. The original JG Melon opened back in 1972 and soon became known for its iconic burger. Now for the first time the same burger will be served, along with an almost identical menu, in Greenwich Village. JG Melon downtown is a joint venture between Danny Abrams (The Mermaid Inn), Steve Abrams (Magnolia Bakery) and Shaun Young, who managed the original JG Melon location for over 30 years.

David Chang's Burger Bias

Momofuku mastermind and chicken sandwich overlord David Chang lays out his burger manifesto over at Lucky Peach. He comes out firmly in favor of American cheese and ketchup and decidedly against mustard and salad. Also, he loves White Castle.

Free Sliders at Arrogant Swine

"Nothing moves whiskey like free burgers" declares Arrogant Swine pitmaster Tyson Ho. To prove his point he is giving away two sliders on Tuesdays with each purchase of Whistle Pig Rye ($18) or Garrison Brothers bourbon ($15). The sliders are a homage to those found at White Manna in Hackensack, NJ, but like just about everything else on the Arrogant Swine menu, except the barbecue, they are somehow cooked in a waffle iron.

Chicken and Veggie Burgers at The Nomad Bar

2015 is quickly becoming the year veggie burger love. Hot on the heels of the recent Superiority Burger launch those crazy kids at The Nomad Bar are reportedly serving their own version. No word yet on the contents but odds are carrots are involved. In other vegetable news the chicken burger (pictured above) that dominates the lunch hour at The Nomad is also now available at The Nomad Bar.

The Nomad Bar

905 North Orange Street, , DE 19801 (302) 655-8800

Arrogant Swine

173 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11101 (347) 328-5595 Visit Website