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The Tofu's Always Fresh at Round-the-Clock Koreatown Favorite BCD Tofu House

Midnight munchies, part four.

[Photos: Robert Sietsema]

BCD Tofu House, Koreatown
Open 24 hours, seven days
5 W 32nd Street, (212) 967-1900
Yes, there's plenty of freshly made tofu at this never-closed Korean spot convenient to Herald Square and any number of subway lines, much of the bean curd plunged into fiery stews called sundubu jjigae (here known as soon tofu). But also expect your late-night selection to include bibimbap served in hot stoneware crocks, kalbi (beef short ribs), and plenty of noodles, dumplings, and other miscellaneous small fare, some of it spicy hot with chiles. In fact, most selections on the menu are enough to feed two, and the best part is always the array of small dishes that accompany called pan chan. If you run out, you're supposed to ask for more.