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Fung Tu Reopens, City Diner Shooting, and More a.m. Intel

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Everything you need to know about New York restaurants today, July 16.

[Lupa, a fine place to enjoy lunch on this temperate Thursday in July.]
[Lupa, a fine place to enjoy lunch on this temperate Thursday in July.]
Daniel Krieger

— Fung Tu was forced to close last week because of issues with the building, but it will reopen tonight. Because ConEd has not restored gas to the building, the kitchen will be serving a limited menu of food cooked on induction burners and hot plates. Ryan Sutton gave the restaurant two stars back in May.

A man was shot in the back of City Diner on the Upper West Side this morning. The bullet just grazed the customer's head, but he was able to bring himself to Mount Sinai. No arrests have been made and the man is in stable condition.

— On a lighter note, the Shake Shack's new crispy chicken sandwich returns to the Brooklyn locations of the chain today after a one week hiatus. During its initial run, the ChickenShack outsold the ShackBurger. This menu item was two years in the making.

— You may recall that Dallas BBQ was forced to close its St. Mark's location last month due to a gas-related issue similar to what Fung Tu just had to deal with.  As it turns out, that restaurant still hasn't reopened yet.  A worker at Dallas BBQ tells Eater that there's no set reopening date.  It's now been closed for exactly one month.

During a star-studded party at The Baccarat earlier this week, guests broke about $1,000 in glassware.

The remnants of Honest Boy, the fruit stand that operated on the corner of Houston and Broadway for 30 years, burned down recently. The space is being replace by a six-story office building. The humble little fruit stand closed at the end of last year.

Inwood NIMBYs are urging the SLA to reject the liquor license application for a new 300-seat beer bar on Dyckman Street. The proposed project would have an 80 person rooftop deck.

A "City Subs" sign appeared in the window of 82 Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn. Is this the return of City Sub, the Park Slope sandwich shop that closed a year ago? Perhaps. Grub Street points out that the old restaurant's name was just City Sub, singular.

— And finally, here's another one of Sietsema's Secrets: Rudy's Bakery in Ridgewood:

Fung Tu

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