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Saturday Afternoon at Sheepshead Bay Classic Brennan & Carr

Welcome to our photo series Eater Scenes, where Eater photographer Daniel Krieger visits some of the city's great restaurants to capture them at a certain, and very specific, point in the day. Today, in honor of Cheap Eats Week, Brennan & Carr.

Sheepshead Bay institution Brennan & Carr has been serving local firemen, cops, and neighbors since 1938 and little in the wood-covered dining room hasn't changed much since then. Waiters wear oversized white coats and the place feels a bit like Peter Luger. Bills are paid at the counter as in a diner, and no credit cards are accepted. The favorite order is the hot roast beef sandwich doused with a ladleful of pan juice. It goes well with the one beer on tap — Bud Light. Take a look at the scene at the restaurant on a Saturday afternoon.

Brennan & Carr

3432 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11229 (718) 769-1254 Visit Website