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Carnitas El Atoradero Chef Denisse Lina Chavez Plans Prospect Heights Restaurant

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Major win for Prospect Heights and Mexican food fans in general.

[The old Carnitas El Atoradero space by Robert Sietsema]
[The old Carnitas El Atoradero space by Robert Sietsema]

Acclaimed chef Denisse Lina Chavez has finally found a new home for her tacos, albondigas, and other Pueblan delicacies: 708 Washington Avenue in Prospect Heights. This fall, Chavez will open a new as-yet-unnamed project with restaurateurs Josh Kaplan (Dassara), Noah Arenstein (Arrogant Swine), and Jared Deline (The Windsor). Arenstein tells Grub Street why he wanted to team up with Chavez: "I love her food. It's partially a business decision but a very personal one. Business-wise, she has the best Mexican food in town and I want to give more people the opportunity to eat it,"

Sietsema and Ligaya Mishan both praised Chavez's food at Carnitas El Atoradero in the South Bronx, but that restaurant closed earlier this year, due to a rent spike. The chef recently started selling her food at Vendy Plaza on Sundays. And now, she'll move into a new space with seating for about 50 people. Expect an expanded menu at the new restaurant when it opens in a few months.

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