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Why Mamoun’s Is One of New York’s Classic Midnight Munchie Restaurants

Give into those 12 a.m. cravings.

A styrofoam takeout container overflows with dolmas, falafel, and other dishes beside a stack of fluffy pita.

Let's face it: Whether a stoner or not, you'll never find yourself quite as hungry as when your favorite restaurants have closed down for the evening. And you have to be content gobbling a candy bar or bag of chips, when what you really want is a heavily loaded slice or a falafel with extra hot sauce — something gloppy, and make it snappy. In observance of Cheap Eats Week, we'll be recommending one great place to satisfy your munchies at midnight each evening.

Mamoun's Falafel, Greenwich Village
Open until 2 a.m., seven days
119 MacDougal St, (212) 674-8685
The original Mamoun's on MacDougal introduced the falafel sandwich to the city in 1971. It was a mega hit, first with NYU students and hippies, but soon with the general public. Falafel also served as a wedge for the introduction of vegetarian dining in the city. With its luxuriance of fried chickpea fritters, nutty tasting tahini, and fresh greens, onions, and tomatoes, it redefined a quick bite for New Yorkers. And the shawarma, Middle Eastern pastries, and Turkish coffee are worth snacking on, too.