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Eater's Down-N-Dirty Celebration of New York's Cheap Eats Starts Right Now

All this week, expect hot intel on street meat, dumplings, dollar slices, tacos, and oh so much more.

[Halal Guys stand in the East Village.]
[Halal Guys stand in the East Village.]
Nick Solares

New York City is home some of the world's most acclaimed chefs, and many of the country's most impenetrable dining rooms. But all this week, Eater is gong to be shining a spotlight on dining establishments at the other side of the spectrum. These street carts, slice parlors, meat-over-rice shops, cafes, taquerias, and snack stands are just as essential to the lifeblood of this city as the celebrity chef restaurants and tasting menu ateliers, and for the next five days we will be celebrating these places and the people that make them tick.  Stay tuned this week for maps, guides, photo essays, and recommendations galore.

To get into the spirit of Cheap Eats week, the editors of this site will be participating in a no-guts-no-glory challenge we're calling The Contest, in which each participant will attempt to eat three meals from restaurants for only $10 per day. We'll be chronicling the action of The Contest right here on this site.  We encourage you to join The Contest over in the forums, where you can share your best budget eats. Let the games begin!

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