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Señor Frog's Misses Opening Date (Probably Because It Was Too Drunk to Set an Alarm)

Soon the streets around Times Square will be flooded with rivers of domestic beer, flecked with onion rings.

Facebook/Senor Frogs

It's July 1, the day when New York was supposed to get its first-ever outpost of bro dungeon Señor Frog's at 11 Times Square. But the sweaty, unshaven, lumbering lug of a restaurant is running a bit late. There's probably a good story about why it's not ready yet — it might involve a prank from those chuckleheads at Sig Ep — but at the moment, the cause of the delay is unknown. The restaurant has been actively updating its social media accounts with images that depict a jittery, candy-colored alternate universe of sorts, where all the hats are three feet wide, men are terrified of women in wedding dresses, and the bartenders breath fire. The New York location might even serve cheese sticks in a Croc:

Senor Frogs

Or potato skins on a skateboard. Stay tuned for more news on the impending arrival of Señor Frog's as it becomes available. And if you have any intel about this restaurant or any others, please send it to the tipline.

Update: A member of the Frog's team sends word that it's now slated to open the first week in August, so update your calendars accordingly.

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