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Harold Moore's Commerce Restaurant Forced to Shutter over Legal Technicality

Sad news out of the West Village this morning.

Commerce chef de cuisine Carsten Johannsen and chef/owner Harold Moore.
Commerce chef de cuisine Carsten Johannsen and chef/owner Harold Moore.
Nick Solares

A four-year legal struggle with the landlord over the use of "common space" has culminated in the closure of Harold Moore's Commerce Restaurant in the West Village. According to Moore, the restaurant had to endure major renovations in the building during the time frame, but due to a missed filing "we lost the restaurant over a technicality." Commerce opened in 2008 and soon became a neighborhood favorite. The chef tells Eater:

I am saddened, that something commercially and critically successful is no longer. Commerce was such a special place. I hope our neighbors and loyal customers, who have been our biggest supporters, will visit me at my newest ventures.

Moore is set to open Commerce Sweet Shop on Bedford Street this summer and Harold's Meat + Three in the Tommie Hudson Square hotel this fall. Both ventures will be decidedly more casual than Commerce so it will be interesting to see what Moore's next move will be beyond them. This past Monday was Commerce's last night of service after which Moore was forced break the news and thank his"loyal staff."


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