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Swiped a Card at Eataly This Spring? Check Your Bank Account

Hackers worked their way into the credit card system at the Italian food hall.

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A group of hackers managed to worm their way into Eataly's credit card system earlier this year. The Flatiron location was hit with some creepy identity stealing malware from January 16 to April 2. That program has of course been disabled, but pretty much everyone who swiped a card at the market (but not the restaurants) could potentially be vulnerable to identity theft. A release from the Eataly says:

Earning our customers' trust is our highest priority," the statement read, and we deeply regret that this incident occurred....We are advising all potentially affected customers who made payment card purchases at the Eataly NYC Retail Marketplace during the relevant timeframe to check their bank accounts very carefully and immediately report any suspicious charges or activity to their banks and card issuers.

The Eataly team is also willing to cover a year of fraud resolution and identity protection to anyone impacted.


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